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    Monday, September 20, 2021   /   by Jeff Stoffel

    6 Inexpensive Remodeling Ideas for FALL 2021

    Remodeling can cost thousands of dollars, which can take homeowners months or years to save.

    – Photo courtesy of Modify Your Space 

    In the interim, how do you make improvements to rooms like bathrooms and kitchens? Instead of taking out loans for an expensive remodel, consider investing in a few of these less expensive remodeling alternatives:

    1. Refinish bathtub

    If you have a porcelain bathtub that looks a bit worn, the alternative to replacing it is refinishing the tub. While refinishing is a long process, it costs less than a new bathtub, about $300 to $1,000 according to ImproveNet. The process involves getting off all of the dirt and grime and then sanding it before putting on new layers of paint and primer. It’s a process that will leave your bathtub looking almost new if you have the right tools and want to invest at least a day working to refinish it.

    —Photo courtesy of Sass Construction, Inc.

    2. Refinish wood floor

    . ...

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    Monday, September 20, 2021   /   by Jeff Stoffel

    INTRO TO FINDING A GOOD DEAL ON A HOME ...Snag your dream home before someone else does

    You probably know how to find good deals on clothes, flights, and maybe even a used car. But a house? That’s uncharted territory. Fear not, future homeowner?we sat down with Trenton Hoggard, a CENTURY 21 agent at Wright-Pace Real Estate in Jonesboro, AR, for some tips on finding the home that’s right for you at a price that won’t burn holes in your pockets.


    Finding your home sweet home is a process that begins with knowing your credit score, finding a lender, and getting pre-approved for a mortgage. One surefire way to ensure your credit score is acceptable is maintaining a low debt balance?it should be no more than 30% of your available credit limit. Hoggard says, “show me what you think your credit score is, and this kind of tells me if a lender or two are suited towards you.” Getting pre-approved for a mortgage puts you at an advantage because it means that the lender is confident you can make the necessary ...

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    Monday, September 20, 2021   /   by Jeff Stoffel

    HOMEBUYERS! - Learn How to Save Thousands $

    New FREE Report reveals how Home Buyers can save Thousands of Dollars in when they Buy!

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    Two primary considerations are top of mind for most homebuyers when they start looking for a home. First, you want to find a home that perfectly matches your needs and desires, and secondly, you want to buy for the best price possible.
    Some common denominators emerge when you analyze successful home buyers who’ve successfully purchased the home they want for thousands of dollars below a seller's asking price. While the concept of negotiating skills is probably the first thing that jumps to mind, there are, in fact, three additional key factors that must factor into the process long before you ever submit an offer.

    Extensive analysis of this topic by industry experts has resulted in a specific step-by-step purchase plan for homebuyers, a summary of which ca ...

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    Monday, September 13, 2021   /   by Jeff Stoffel

    CREDIT SCORE FUNDAMENTALS ...How to build and maintain a good score


    Your credit score is a major personal financial indicator that ranges anywhere between 300 points (the lowest) and 850 points (the highest). Torabi suggests aiming for a score in the mid-700s and up. Higher credit scores will earn you the best interest rates on loans. Additionally, you should pay close attention to the major factors that can harm your credit score:

    Paying bills late

    Racking up too much debt

    Applying for several credit cards within a short period of time

    It’s important to monitor your credit score regularly. It’s an urban legend that requesting to see your score can harm it. “A so-called ‘hard inquiry’ from a bank or credit issuer can potentially ding your score, but only if there are multiple hard inquiries on your credit. Checking your score yourself is totally fine and I highly encourage it at least once a year,” Torabi adds. “And for what it’s worth, a new su ...

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    Monday, September 13, 2021   /   by Jeff Stoffel

    Don’t Make These 5 Common Home Buying Mistakes

    It can be easy to get lost and confused during the home buying process. Proper planning is paramount. It’s also helpful to learn from other people’s mistakes. Here are some of the most common errors people make when shopping for a new home.

    Not budgeting for everything: Yes, this sounds obvious, but many people forget about some of the costs of buying a home. There are added costs such as furniture and appliances, DIY projects, moving fees, or your first mortgage payment. This last one is especially important—setting a budget may help you determine how much you can comfortably afford to pay for your mortgage.

    Neglecting your credit score: Your credit score will play a major role in the home buying process. This 3-digit number might be the thing that keeps you from your new home! Credit reports often contain errors or misinformation, so it’s important to retrieve your report ahead of time and fix any errors before sending it out to lenders. Lookin! ...

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